Custom Car Wrapping Dublin

Completely change the colour and look of your car without the cost of an expensive paint job. Wrap Vinyl will protect the original paint and bodywork of your vehicle against chips, stones and light scratches.

Love your car but not the colour? We can change the car completely with choices of matt, gloss and metallic finishes as well as a wide variety of colours that were never previously available.

Our expert specialists can remove the stock factory look of your car with dechroming to give your car a sleekier stealth look.

Unhappy with the regular interior? We can wrap wooden and plastic interiors in metallic brushed aluminium, carbon fibre, or any other colour to match your needs.


Car Colour Change and Racing Stripes

Car Dechroming & Car Interior Wrap

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What Our Customers Think...

Some feedback from customers we've helped with their cars.

gallen leung
a month ago
Got most things for my my car done with them, couldn’t recommend more highly. Nice group of lads and professional work on cars. Got my 4...
Kent Lim
a month ago
Excellent and professional services rendered by a team of interesting and great car enthusiasts. Would strongly recommend anyone for car mods with them. Great job...
Robbie Lomax
2 months ago
Got a pro polish from the lads in mxtint. impeccable job done on the car. Very professional setup and really friendly and informative lads! highly...
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